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Should You Rebrand? 5 Signs It’s Time for a Brand Refresh

Shanda Watts

The word rebrand is thrown around quite often in the designer space, and when the idea comes up to clients, it’s sometimes seen as a negative thing. But a rebrand could be the best thing you can do for your business! How do you know when it’s time for a refresh? Here are 5 signs to look out for:

1. Your Brand Isn’t Resonating with Your Audience

If you look at your website and socials, analyze your colors and logo, and feel yourself struggling to create content, it might be time to rebrand. Remember, your branding isn’t for you. It’s for your audience. So, when your brand fails to connect with them, it makes it difficult to generate interest and engagement. A rebrand can help you create a look and feel that connects with your ideal customers and positions you as the perfect solution to their needs.

2. Your Audience Has Shifted

If you are a photographer who only worked with families but now wants to work with weddings instead, your brand would need to change with your evolving business. Your new target audience will potentially (and usually) have a different aesthetic they’re attracted to, so consider that when you plan your brand identity strategy.

3. Inconsistency is Hurting Your Brand Image

    Does your website have completely different logos, colors, and fonts than those used on your social media and other channels? This can be confusing for potential customers. Cohesiveness is important not only for aesthetic purposes but also for giving your brand a more professional look. A rebrand can help you create a unified look across all platforms.

    4. You’re Blending in with the Competition

    If you notice you and your competitors have similar color palettes and fonts, it’s a sign you need to stand out. For example, if you notice your competitors using blue in their company brand, opt for a bold color that aligns with your brand personality instead. Make your visual brand identity eye-catching and noticeable to attract your dream clients with unique icons and fun colors.

    5. Your Brand Name No Longer Reflects Your Vision

    Your business should evolve, and if you started it with one idea in mind that has completely pivoted or you discovered a new business passion along the way, rebranding is a great way to start fresh. It’s almost like starting a business all over again (but this time with knowledge and experience under your belt!). It’s okay and completely normal for business direction to change, and instead of trying to make your new ideas fit in the old box of your current branding, let your new ideas flow and give your brand a clean, updated slate!

    Rebranding is an exciting opportunity to breathe new life into your business and feel excited about it all over again. With the many components of a rebrand, it can feel overwhelming to figure out on your own, but you don’t have to go it alone! We help clients create their dream brand from start to finish. Let’s work together to rediscover your “why” and translate it into everything from your brand story to your color palette and fonts.

    When you highlight what makes your brand so special, and how you can best serve, you’ll start to capture the hearts of your target audience in no time.