Organizing your workflow equals increased productivity. As a WordPress developer and now a new blogger, I am constantly fumbling around trying to find the app, tab, program, email, or photo for my current project. Time is the one thing you can’t afford to waste. Every second counts, and even more so for your paying client. Time is money in our world.

Starting in the new year I was determined to get my ducks in a row. Get more organized with my workflow. I needed to figure out how to manage my current clients with my new exciting venture launching in Spring 2017.

I sent out a S.O.S “I’m drowning from too many browser tabs to find anything” tweet to my WordPress friends. I received reply back from someone I didn’t follow, @alex_kaul, mentioning an app I haven’t heard before. Freeter App.

Hummmm. What is this app? I’ve tried them all. Trello, Asana, etc. They didn’t really help my workflow. It was just another browser tab that got lost in my chaos.

What do I have to lose? I downloaded Freeter for FREE! Yes guys, for free!

What is this amazing wonderful app that I am staring at!? It’s a blank canvas for project management. I could add a shortcut to my design mockup, I could add task lists, set some goals – then I stumbled across their website widget.
WHOA NELLY! I can embed my Twitter feed, my Asana, my Trello – WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? I have tabs for resources, tabs for my client invoicing, my forecast calendar for projects etc. All in one easy to find location, because it’s an icon in my taskbar not lost in my 500 browser tabs. I am seriously a tab junky – I hit CTRL-T for days!

But WAIT, there’s more! You can add code snippets, write blog post drafts (guess where this is being written). Since I installed the app, I’ve crushed more goals. I’ve checked off more tasks. It helped me gain 100+ followers in one day, and for being new to this game – I’ll take it!

Can I mention again that It’s free?! Check it out, download Freeter App here.

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